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Rep. Carra: After horrific stabbing of Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer, restoring safety is of immediate concern in Lansing
RELEASE|March 30, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

Rep. Steve Carra urges Michigan Speaker of the House Joe Tate to rescind his effort to ban Michigan staffers from proper access to self-defense after the horrific stabbing of Sen. Rand Paul’s staffer in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul on Monday announced the tragic news that one of his staffers was “brutally attacked in broad daylight” this past weekend. With the rise of death threats among legislators and general political tension, Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) says it’s imperative that legislators and their staff are able to defend themselves against such heinous and malicious attacks.

On March 20th, Michigan Speaker of the House Joe Tate banned legislative staffers from properly exercising their right to self-defense when he violated their freedom to carry guns, knives, and other forms of self-defense while at work, according to Carra.

“Prohibiting our staff from being able to defend themselves and others makes us all less safe in Lansing,” Carra said. “When tragedy strikes, we need to be more prepared… not less.

“The rise of violence in recent years is due to a mental health crisis – violating the rights of law-abiding civilians is not the solution. If our staff are unable to have access to self-defense in the office, they will inevitably be left defenseless on their way to and from the office.”

Rep. Carra is calling on Speaker Tate to immediately rescind his decision to prohibit staff from properly exercising their right to self-defense:

“With our nation so divided, politically charged emotions on the rise, and a mental health crisis skyrocketing, our staff deserves better,” Carra said. “Protecting themselves from tragic events like the one we saw this week with Sen. Paul’s staffer is of the utmost importance.”

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